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Carbon-Di-Oxide Generation and Graphs

Carbon dioxide is generated in the top compartment. A vinegar dripper is inserted on top of baking soda. As discussed earlier baking soda and vinegar will generate CO2. The PVC pipe has holes in it which will be a vent passage to CO2.  I used MQ-135 Sensor for Identifying the presence of CO2. The Data …

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Accelerator Graphs using motor

Accelerometer on X-axis while using Motor 2. Accelerometer on Y-axis while using Motor 3.  Accelerometer on Z-axis while using Motor   4. Comparision of X,Y,Z  Axis    

Schematics of sensors

Breadboard diagram L298N   2. Breadboard diagram l298n for solenoid 3.  Motor Schematic diagram 4.  Solenoid Schematic diagram 5. MPU 6050 Solenoid 6.  TMP 36 diagram 7.  Tmp 36 schematics  

Solenoid: Heat Vs Power Consumption

Solenoid: Heat Vs Power Consumption The solenoid vibration unit was heating up extensively in our previous experiments. To understand the vibrations the data was generated. TMP36 was used in this process to collect temperature data of the solenoid. The temperature of the solenoid varies with changing amperes, the following graph shows the change in temperature …

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Vibration Unit

Motor Vibration As discussed in our previous posts vibration unit has two main ideas as mentioned below. Both the experiments are conducted and the results are quite promising for the usage. One is to use an irregular load on the motor. The second is to use a linear actuator or a solenoid. The idea was …

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Stationary Tick-Bot

TREMoR Design What is TREMoR? ‘TREMoR’ (Tick collecting Robot for Entomological Modeling Research) is a stationary prototype device that builds on the standard tick trap approach to lure ticks. The Stationary Tickbot is undergrounded 1/6th of the meter. It consists of a compartment for dry ice which dispels CO2 and a motor which generates vibrations. …

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